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Resized Cage Tending

In the beginning

I was working shift work at the mine, my family life was suffering,

I was smoking a pack of cigarettes per day and my weight was fluctuating.

In the year 2000 there were some sad life changing events for me.

A few of my struggles I faced were, insomnia, increased appetite, mood swings, excessive worrying, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, low energy, digestive issues, aches, pains and tight muscles,

My diet consisted of coffee, cigarettes, pop, and easy meals. I was rarely eating any lean protein or veggies. My favourite meal was pasta and garlic bread.

Some serious health issues were cropping into my life.

Eventually, many years later, my nervous system decided it was time to slow the HECK down and put me in a freeze… I left work a very sick woman with anxiety and panic attacks. I constantly felt cold even though my body temperature was normal.  I just wanted to crawl into a hole and not move. I was  diagnosed with “high anxiety disorder” and PTSD.  I was shown some cognitive behavioural therapy and breath work, the doctor wanted me to take meds and I refused.  He asked me if I was ok with weight gain?  By taking the meds one of the side effects would be weight gain… WTH!

Turning point

Hitting bottom made me realize I needed to ramp up my game of life.

Getting educated was the only solution, once I reached out to my health care providers I soon after saw the light. 

There were alternatives to get my health back on track, I had hope.

#LoveMyselfFirst which needed to be in place once I got there, there would be no turning back.

I now love vegetables and cooking nutritious meals. It helped that I quit smoking 13 years ago..

By exchanging unhealthy habits for healthy ones I am able to maintain my weight, get my gut health back on track, keep my stress level low, support my muscles and joints and sleep is much less interrupted.


Why a health or lifestyle coach?

Maybe --Resized

As a result of my education, I am now understanding “felt sense.”  A concept that describes internal bodily awareness that arises from increased awareness. Feeding my body healthy nutrition, finding a movement routine that I love, keeping my mind calm.  With my overall self care routine, I am able to find balance and ways of pulling myself out of a “Stress Response” so my body finally feels safe.   

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” —Maya Angelou.

November 20th 2019 I received my second hip replacement in less than a year.  Preparing my body to be in an optimal healing state before both surgeries proved to be a huge success. 

Taking tiny steps to a healthier lifestyle.  Small Hinges Swing Big Doors!”

What fills my cup mostly is that, the knowledge that I have received during my healing journey, I can now pass onto others, to help them in their healing journey.